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M&E Automation and Control
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Most GB & NI Water Authorities

Camborne WRW full turnkey DCS controls

STW, Ladybower Dam Pumping,
         SCADA & remote control with HQ                                                  

Diddlebury Nitrate Removal Controls

Perth WrW, Works Controls

Strathaven WrW, Works Controls
Ballmena WTW NI Controls
Ballysallagh WTW NI Commissioning
Roadford, Major pumping Station Complex Controls
Avon WrW, Large Sequential Batch Reaction Controls
Maerdy WTW, DCS DEC computers with Rtap & DCUs
plus many many more.

        Process & Manufacturing

Test Equipment Design
     Designed and developed (our Products), a range of 
     Large scale, fully automated cable testing systems.
     This removed a large bottleneck in production. 
     Used by BICC, Pirelli, AEI and others.

Large Soap Powder Process Plant
     Process Control Systems      
     First software integrated Boiler Package 

Car/Van Assembly Line
      Controls, under body sprays
Material Handling,
      Controlling the co-ordination of materials to extruders
Beecham's, Process Plant,
     New formulation controls under Strict Security and Confidentiality
Conveyor System
     Overhead handling & tracking system for Exhaust Manufacture
Engine Test Bed
     Fuel control system with Logging
Kiln Controls
     Kiln firing Controls,
     Including conversions and data logging software (our Products)
Plus Many more


Nuclear Power Stations
Fuel Rod dismantling system (turnkey HW & SW)
Fuel Rod transporting carriage stability controls
 (turnkey HW & SW)
Power Stations Conventional
Peterhead PS, Main Distribution Networks Interface,
      Switching SCADA & PLC system,
      Designs for Removal of redundant Control Room Boards
Rugely PS
Large DCS, controls for the boilers,
Ironbridge PS
Large DCS element, Air controls for the boilers, FD & PA Fans
Energy From Waste
Advanced Digestion Schemes
     Part of Tendering team for large £m and small schemes