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M&E Automation and Control
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      Safety Critical systems - DESEAR trained

           We provide 3D Design Concept Drawings

We undertake reviews at the design stage to engineer out potential problems.

By creating quick visualisations in 3D graphics we were able to identify and
resolve at an early stage the relationship issues between the flare stack
and the gas vents zones.

      Control Software for DCS, SCADA and PLC's.

Whilst we work in many diverse industries the control systems form a common
engineering tool, this means that we can cover most industrial applications.
We are not limited by industry types, most are covered.

Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi & Modicon are the leading systems
manufactures and we have used them in most of their forms in our Systems.

Turnkey solutions are provided, also, new additions can be added whilst
the plant is keep in operation.