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M&E Automation and Control
Key Systems      Services
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               Control Systems - We Provide the following

  • Specifications
  • Hardware definition and purchasing

  • Programming. We have experience of many programming languages.
                            Siemens DCS, Step7, AB RS Logix5000, Mitsubishi GX DEveloper, etc. 
  • Training. On the job training given through to dedicated specialist courses.

  • Commissioning. We have extensive experience in commissioning in diverse Industries.

  • Documentation. Including the provision of FDS, SDS, STS documents, 
                                                                       Training manuals and O&M's.


              Project Management - M&E ICA Project Services 

  • Tendering. Tender preparation & submission documents,
                       Supplier quotation requesting & assessments,
                       Financial bidding and Contractual aspects.
  • Design. We undertake Sub contractor assessments for design capability.
                 This is now a legal requirement for main contractors, with serious
                 implications for Board Directors.
  • Contract Management. Project Management Certified (as Prince 2 equivalent)
                                          Project planning,
                                          Supervision of project teams and sub contracts
                                          Client interfacing and management
                                          Reporting and Controls
  • Financial Controls. We have experience of handing the financial controls
                                    on Major multi million pound Projects.

                    For clients we have successfully undertaken financial cost recovery
                    on projects by technical submissions and assessments. 
                    We have a very good record of being paid by our clients due to good
                    technical working relationships.

  • Health and Safety. We have been trained and received certification in:
                                   Construction Site Manager, Safety Certification (national recognition)
                                   CDM Regulations,
                                   Design Risk Assessments
                                   DSEAR AWARENESS (Part 1 & 2) certification
                                   Asbestos awareness
                                   Security clearance to work in the water & power industries.